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Hiroshi 14-09-06 (土) 6:20

Whilst I kind of understand the sentemint expressed above I have to disagree. Joe is representative of a typical fashion forward male of our scene. Toyko Dandy represents a scene in Tokyo which you say ‘misreprsents fashion’ but on a larger scale people view as being unique and special. Have you seen how people dress and pose in the party photos? That’s just how guys are here. Gay, straight or somewhere inbetweem (we tend not to cateogorize so much to be honest) Your narrow mindedness kind of makes me cringe. If you look at any japoanese fashion magazine, they use either half/mixed-race or foreign models. In the next year we will continue to use other japanese models in a style that represents the scene in which we, and fashion, thrive. If you want to pigeon hole that into being ‘gay’ or ‘zoolanderish’ that’s fine, but it would be more fun for you to learn about a scene which is actually juist different and come along for the ride. As for misinterpreting fashion, it’s our friends brand. They asked to use Joe as to them, and to many other people who live in Tokyo Town, Joe is a strong example of a Japanese male heading into 2010. It’s not going to be the same as your copy of American Nylon guys or GQ and that’s how we like it. Dan

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