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Aljazeera English program / Economy Story / Tokyo - Miyagi

ITM’s live position / Lower House Election / Tokyo

DPJ leader Hatoyama placing ribbons next to the names of successful candidates (left)

Press center at the DPJ election center (right)

BBC:  Alastair Leithead reports (left)   CCTV: reporting (right)

TV5 Mond France: Nathalie Touret reports (left)

Phoenix Satellite TV: Li Miao reports (right)

NBC Sports / Olympic Speacial / Aichi

Channel News Asia / Asian monarchies / Tokyo - Kyoto - Miyazaki

Miyazaki (Amanoiwato-shrine)             Miyazaki (udo jingu-shrine)

Tokyo (meiji jingu-shrine)                            Kyoto (touji-temple)

Home > Archives > 2009-09


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